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Who is one the leading vasectomy reversal doctor or surgeon in the fields of vasectomy reversal, vasectomy, and male infertility? Dr. Jeffrey Buch. Not only can you trust Dr. Buch to perform your procedure, but in selecting Dr. Jeffrey Buch and Legacy Male Health, patients get a surgeon with impeccable credentials and peer respect. Dr. Buch has been performing microsurgical vasectomy reversals since 1985, and has helped families with over 3,000 babies as a result of his knowledge and skill performing microsurgery. Vasectomy reversal patients must depend on and feel confidence in the surgeon’s skills and experience to perform this delicate type of surgery effectively.

While Dr. Buch, is one of the foremost experts in microsurgical vasectomy reversals (an extremely specialized field of surgery), his profound expertise gives his patients a high level of comfort. His superior knowledge and expertise in this field also allows patients seeking other procedures and issues, such as vasectomies and male infertility, to feel the same sense of comfort and confidence.

As the foremost leader in men’s health, Legacy Male Health, P.A., performs both simple and complex vasectomy reversal procedures. Specifically, these procedures are aptly named by their medical term, vasovasostomy and epididymovasostomy. Legacy Male Health guarantees their procedures with extremely high success rates. Our patients trust that Dr. Buch’s area of specialization allows him to effectively analyze sperm, and to recommend the right treatment options to achieve the desired results, where male infertility is involved.

Whether you need a vasectomy reversal or vasectomy procedure, or you are having a male infertility issue, Dr. Jeffrey Buch is the right choice. Start your Legacy today!

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Vasectomy Reversal Specialist, Dr. Buch

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