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Sexual and reproductive health are important aspects of a man’s wellbeing. Within these areas, there are several different issues – from contraception, to fertility, infertility, testosterone, and sexuality – that may arise at some point in your life. Whether you are a man currently dealing with one of the matters above or would simply like to stay informed, familiarizing yourself with all of the different facets of male health will help you better understand your body, and ultimately, guide you towards the path of good health.


Vasectomy Reversal Information

In recent years, one of the topics frequently discussed in the world of medicine is vasectomy reversal. Vasectomies are very common in the United States, with hundreds performed around the country each day.

When a man decides he no longer wishes to conceive children, a vasectomy is an effective method of contraception. However, there are many cases when a man who has undergone a vasectomy realizes that he does in fact want to conceive a child. Thankfully, in some cases, a vasectomy can be reversed in a procedure known as vasectomy reversal. The operation repairs and reconnects the previously cut vas deferens in order to restore the flow of sperm and a man’s fertility.

Many men reconsider sterilization each day, making vasectomy reversals a commonly sought after procedure among men. This site serves as a guide to vasectomy reversals, as well as other common topics and issues in male health. Browse through to learn more about vasectomy reversal costs, success rates, frequently asked questions and how to choose your vasectomy reversal surgeon.